At the heart of this remarkable, breakthrough approach is the belief that Everyone is Musical. Simply Music has students of all ages playing great sounding music from their very first lessons.

To understand how the playing based approach works, think back to when you were a child learning your native language. You learned to speak the language long before you learned to read and write it. You got to try out words, phrases and sentences, exploring how they felt and how they fit together. Simply music lessons are similar to this. We learn through play.

Students are taught using a variety of playing-based tools and techniques that make the learning experience fun and easy. A diverse repertoire covering many musical genres develops a freedom and ease of playing.

You may have a child who is looking to start their first music lessons or in need of an alternative approach. You may be an adult who always wanted lessons but hasn’t had the time or an opportunity to give it a go until now. Whatever your situation, the Simply Music program is suitable for students of all ages. Book an introductory session today!